Self-care ideas that will leave you feeling great!

Self-care ideas that will leave you feeling great!

I have a very important question to ask you. Did you make sure to make time for YOU this weekend? Self-care Sunday is my personal fave day of the week as it's a day I get to dedicate time just for me! Whether it's just 5mins of moisturising my body, or an hour in an extra-bubbly bubble bath; I always feel pretty darn good when I make sure to make some time for myself💕

So, this is your weekly reminder to make some time for you! Here are a few of my personal fave self-care ideas that will leave you feeling uh-may-zing! 

list of self-care ideas

You can either do all, or some of these self-care ideas! If you choose to do all, we've even listed them in our recommended order to make things easier 😍

1) Relax and unwind in an extra-bubbly bubble bath (fun tip: our body wash doubles as a bubble bath!). Leave your troubles outside, and soothe your achy muscles. Pop on your fave Netflix show, read a book or listen to some music - the choice is yours! I personally like bringing some snacks and a delicious drink into the bath with me as it just makes it that much more enjoyable👌🏽

2-3) Do a full skincare routine! Some days it's difficult to find the time for a full- 50+ step skincare routine. Here at tlc Body; we're all about simple, yet super-effective skincare. Our fave skincare routine is: a gentle cleanse, followed by a detoxifying pink clay mask, then finished with a moisturiser that's jam-packed full of hydrating ingredients! Simple, non-confusing and super effective. 

4) Exfoliate your whole bodyDid you know exfoliating your body not only removes dry, flaky dead skin; but it also helps prevent ingrown hairs? Yup! Sometimes, it doesn't matter how carefully you shave, ingrown hairs still happen. The best way to get rid of them, and help prevent them - is exfoliating! We recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week. If you shave, we recommend exfoliating before the shave to remove any ingrown hairs and help achieve a cleaner - closer shave. Then, wait 2-3 days after shaving and exfoliate again to help prevent those pesky ingrown hairs!

5) If you shave your hair - shaveTo help prevent those painful nicks and cuts you get from shaving - we recommend using our Silky-Smooth Shaving Cream which helps your razor gently glide over your skin. It also acts as a guide; helping you know where you have already shaved as well as where still needs to be shaved. Not only does our shaving cream protect your skin from razor cuts, it also helps prevent irritation that shavers can cause your skin. 

6) Moisturise your whole body! Not only will your skin be left dolphin soft and baby-bum smooth with our range of ultra-hydrating Body Custards, but you'll also be left with a soft fragrant scent! Moisturising the skin on your body keeps it hydrated and plump which can also help prevent and reduce the appearance of ageing - sounds like a huge win in my books!

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