About Us

 After experiencing years of skin sensitivity & reactions to many other body products available on the market today; tlc body owner, Carissa, decided enough was enough! When even the natural brands would still cause skin irritations, Carissa knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Itchy red skin should not be something we just accept as a normal reaction to using products- because, it’s not. This is how the idea of tlc body was born. 

Carissa decided to create a beauty brand that catered for all skin types. She knew that some people enjoy fragrant body products, but she also knew that fragrance; whether essential oils or fragrance oils, can be the main cause for skin irritations. This is why all of our body products include the bare range. The bare range is a fragrance free version of the product. 

All of our products are made and packaged by Carissa on the Gold Coast, Australia. When you purchase from us, not only are you receiving a product made with love; you are also supporting a small business. 

If you’re wanting great long-term results for your skin, give us a try! You and your body won't be sorry.