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Benefits of our Less Mess Body Scrubs

Here’s a wonderful gentle scrub for those who have blemished/sensitive/irritated skin and prefer their scrubs in an easy-to-use formula. 

Our Less Mess Body Scrub includes jojoba oil & shea butter - two powerhouse skincare ingredients! Shea butter is not only ultra-hydrating, but also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Redness and uncomfortable inflammation of your skin may be calmed when applied topically. Not only does our scrub remove blemishes and decongest your skin, but it may also heal and calm those uncomfortable skin conditions thanks to the inclusion of Shea butter. 

Now, jojoba oil. I'm sure you've heard of this ingredient time and time again. But, do you know what's so good (or should I say, great) about it? This little bundle of joy is a magical game-changing ingredient sent by the gods! It's moisturising, antibacterial, noncomedogenic (won't clog your pores), hypoallergenic and it may promote collagen synthesis and speed up wound healing. 

When using our Less Mess Body Scrubs, we recommend leaving it on your skin for 1-3 minutes after applying, just so your skin can suck up as much of the beneficial ingredients as possible. Then, simply rinse the scrub off and pat your skin dry. You'll be left with the softest, glowiest (yes this is now a word) & blemish-free skin ever!

Another great thing about our Less Mess Body Scrub, is there's less mess in your shower after using it! We’ve made our Less Mess Body Scrub in a way that enables you to enjoy the full benefits of a body scrub, but in a buttery lotion like consistency (so it won't end up all over your shower floor). You're welcome.

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