Benefits of Moisturising your Body

Benefits of Moisturising your Body

The skin on your face isn't the only place that can benefit from moisturising. The skin on your body also loves and appreciates moisturising too! Our Body Custards are full of ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration as well as other benefits!

Check out a few of the key ingredients of our Body Custards:

💕 Shea Butter: moisturises and nourishes and has anti-inflammatory properties
💕 Sweet Almond Oil: contains Vitamin E and helps your skin retain moisture
💕 Cocoa Butter: nourishes the skin whilst also helping to prevent it from drying out and peeling
💕 Mango Butter: contains Vitamin E and C and may help soften your skin
💕 Macadamia Oil: contains phytosterols which can make it effective at reducing inflammation and also helping with sensitive skin
💕 Vegetable Glycerine: can help soothe irritated skin

Another name for a Body Custard is a body moisturiser, body lotion or body cream. However, we've called ours a Body Custard as the consistency is similar to that of custard. Think of our custards as a delicious treat for your skin.

Check out our range of skin-loving, moisturising Body Custards here!

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